My Easyfairs is a B2B platform that allows its exhibitors to plan and manage their exhibition attendance activities. During this long-term project within Easyfairs, most of the work done was around helping launch the new version of the platform and post launch efforts where focused on improving the platform with new features and integrations. Below is a list of typical tasks and main responsibilities.

  1. Ensure the experience of users on the platform is adequate.
    • Manage platform localisation translations in 10 languages
    • Track bugs, improve features by implementing new designs and functionalities
    • Manage various backlog (new features/improvements/other projects) and work with the scrum team in weekly and bi-weekly sprints.
  2. Develop communications that users would receive as part of their customer journey and event life-cycles.
    • Write and implement emails for each journey segment
    • Create learning content where necessary to help users quickly adopt new features
  3. Research and implement a new floor-plan solution which had been on the radar of executives for the past 10-years.
    • Research and analyse the best solutions on the market or develop a solutions internally.
    • Envisage how this new floor-plan would add value to the company, exhibitors and visitors alike and help repeat booth sales.


The exhibitor journey below was created to see gaps in users’ positive user experience and map where the organisation still needs to develop better integrated solutions to ensure that the event life-cycle touch-points are being tracked and meeting the goals of the organisation. This journey also provides opportunities for automation and Machine learning (such as promoting features/up-selling and tracking and guiding user engagement and participation).